Oh, Zambri’s. I so wanted to love you. I wanted my first visit to be the start of a beautiful and long lasting Italian food relationship. But, alas – you did not sweep me off my feet. Perhaps I ordered the wrong thing? Perhaps my expectations were too high? I may try with you again one day, but I have a feeling we may never be more than acquaintances.


One thing Zambri’s does well is their beautiful location in the Atrium. I never went to the restaurant before it moved, but the ambience in this new location is fabulous. The floor to ceiling windows and opulently decorated bar had me at hello. If you want a beautiful place to eat, this is it.


Service was very good – prompt, chatty, and genuinely friendly. It was a fairly quiet Thursday evening, and the food and bill came quickly. The server was even willing to take pictures of my mother and I without a trace of eye-rolling.


We started with bread and some mixed olives/picked vegetables. The bread was extremely mediocre, and not particularly worth eating – rather bland and tough. However, the olives were a pleasant pre-meal nibbling experience. Zambri’s, why don’t you offer bread that is delicious? Do we not deserve delicious bread?

Both my mum and I got pizza. Me the goat cheesy Alpina, she the creamy mushroom pizza. They were good. But not great. Not like Prima Strada. I know I shouldn’t compare, but if I’m paying top dollar for a pizza, I am going to get the best pie money can buy. Now, this is my only experience of Zambri’s, so I hate to paint their cuisine as mediocre when I have only tried their pizza. If someone can prove to me that the pastas are THAT GOOD, I would consider a second run at it. But realistically, the bread at Pag’s is a whole lot better, the pastas at Pag’s are cheaper and delicious, and the pizzas at Prima are better. Hm.


At the higher end of the dinner spectrum, I wouldn’t say the value was quite there for me. This place is not cheap, and I expected the food to reflect that. Not so much, unfortunately. I was not inspired to return, despite the good service and lovely atmosphere.


I visited Zambri’s for my birthday dinner, and it was not particularly memorable. Not bad, but also not great. Perhaps I can be convinced to return to gain a wider perspective on the quality of their menu, but first impressions do stick.

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