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My name is Charlotte, and as an avid food enthusiast, I am super excited to start this restaurant-reviewing  journey! Living in Victoria, BC is the perfect environment to nurture a food-lover’s appetite for eating out. I initially came to Victoria, as many young people do – in pursuit of a university education – but found myself equally enraptured in the culinary scene! There are so many restaurants in Victoria that I love, and there are many more that I am looking forward to trying.

While this blog is aimed primarily at the traditional “restaurant review”, I am planning on including other food related posts; such as food product reviews, grocery store reviews, and possibly interviews of fellow food enthusiasts. I also may occasionally throw in a more personal post here and there to introduce you to my tastes! You can also refer to the About Me page for more information about me 🙂

Please email me if you have any comments, questions, or suggestions! I am more than open to ideas of places or products to review. My email address is charlotte@victoriaresturantreviews.com.

Happy eating!



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