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The Reef hold a special place in my heart, and it is probably the restaurant I have visited most during my time living in Victoria. In fact, it was one of the first meals out that I had when I moved here. As a big ethnic food/curry fan, I was thrilled to find a new type of cuisine to try – and Caribbean food certainly doesn’t disappoint! With a fun atmosphere, and a great menu selection, The Reef is great for a decently priced, satisfying meal.


The Reef is colourful, with lots of art and bits and bobs adorning, well, everything. It has a distinct Caribbean feel, with Rastafarian references and Reggae music. It’s good stuff, if perhaps verging on a teeny bit tacky (I’m not complaining). I will admit, however, that I miss the little fake fish tanks that used to adorn the tables. I said I don’t mind tacky, didn’t I?


I have been to The Reef more times than I can remember, though I would venture to say that I have never experienced terrible service. Mediocre, perhaps – but never bad. This particular visit was prompt (perhaps a little too prompt – our entrees came before we had finished our Johnnycakes) and friendly.


(Apologies for the blurry pictures – a restaurant isn’t the best place to learn how to use a new camera!)

I had the Jamaican Jerk with Tofu (11$), and my Mum had the Mission Tacos with chicken (9$). Portions were perfect (not overwhelmingly large, but enough to have some leftovers in my case), and the flavours were great. If you like a little kick, I would highly recommend ordering anything on the menu that has the Jerk sauce on it – it is delicious.

In the past, I have had the Chana, the Kingston Quesadilla, the Mo-Ca Burger, the Trini Roti, and the Tacos, and I was always satisfied with my meals. Most of the menu items have vegetarian options, in addition to a choice of meats if you are so inclined. Oh, and the Johnnycakes. Complimentary little dough balls of heaven +butter. Go for the Johnnycakes. They have a pretty interesting drinks menu, too.


The Reef is definitely good value, with most of the entrees coming in at under 15$. Portion sizes, as I mentioned previously, are good, and quality is there as well.


Yum yum! Go to the Reef and have a Mojito and something Jerk-y. You will eat a tasty meal and not feel ripped off. Hooray!

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