The Blue Nile East African Restaurant

After helping my mum move into her new apartment, we made an impromptu visit to The Blue Nile. I had seen The Blue Nile advertised in The Martlet (UVic’s student newspaper), but until recently I didn’t know where it was located. I was especially excited for the visit because I understood that they:
A. have a wide selection of vegetarian options
B. have a buffet, and
C. served east african food, which I had never tried before.

Blue Nile delivered.

Atmosphere: (3/5)

Blue Nile is nothing fancy; in fact it is borderline tacky (though not detrimentally so). Case in point: the Christmas tree is still in the entryway. There are constant Bollywood-style African movies playing on the TV in the corner (which I actually rather enjoyed and found the dance moves to be quite enviable). There is a ‘grass-hut’ lining to the ceiling. The configuration of the tables is awkward. But despite all this, Blue Nile is the kind of tacky that is vaguely endearing and makes you want to come back again.

Service (3/5):

We came to Blue Nile on a Friday at around 6pm, and it seemed that there was only one server at that time. It was fairly quiet when we arrived, but it got busier quickly, and it seemed a bit too much for our server to manage. However, she seemed to genuinely want to serve us well. She even brought the injera (bread) right to our table when the buffet ran out. They should definitely be staffing a little more generously on a Friday night, but it was dealt with well enough.

Food: (4.5/5)

We went for the buffet (how could you not?!) and it was a truly unique and delicious cuilinary experience. There were plenty of vegetarian dishes, as well as a few meat options, rice, salad, and injera (a spongy, sour-tasting flatbread). The food was hot, fresh, and well-seasoned. The flavours were unique, and definitely a must-try if you like curried dishes! I was impressed with the variety of flavours in their copious legume dishes – though watch out for the red lentils: they are spiiiicy! Also, I was quite excited to try the injera, and found it to be like nothing I’ve ever had before. It complemented the food nicely, similar to the way naan accompanies indian food (only less greasy!). Overall, I thorougly enjoyed Blue Nile’s buffet, and would go back in a heartbeat.

Value: (4.5/5)

For a dinner buffet, 14.95  in Victoria is a steal. That is all.

Overall: (4/5)

Blue Nile was an exciting dining experience for me – the flavours were great, the ambience is unique, and the price is right. I would definitely go back again. And you should too.

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