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Walking back from the gym today, I found myself unassumingly at Sally Bun. I was hungry, it was lunchtime, and I wanted something to go with my homemade soup. I knew of Sally Bun’s savoury filled buns, but had never tried one before – it was time.

My first visit to Sally Bun, a few years ago, was mediocre. It was the afternoon, with few buns left to choose from, and consequently I ended up settling on their soup. It wasn’t terrible, but wasn’t worth returning for. However, this second visit definitely changed my impression of this little cafe. I went right at noon, when there was lots of buns to choose from. Also, I noticed that there were lots people who appeared to work in the area coming in, which I figured was a good sign.

Atmosphere: (4/5)

Sally Bun is a small cafe, with only a few small tables. However, there are some nice cosy spots by the windows that are perfect for a relaxed lunch with a newspaper in hand. Alternatively, there is a lovely garden area out back. The decor at Sally Bun is bright and cheery.

Service: (4/5)

Service at Sally Bun is prompt, and mostly efficient – although there are some flaws in the logistics of heating up buns and getting them to the right person, especially when it’s busy. But nevertheless, the staff seem friendly and well-meaning.

Food: (5/5)

In addition to Sally Bun’s wide selection of filled buns, they offer soups, “create your own salads” and sweet treats. As I mentioned before, I found their soup to be nothing extraordinary. I like the idea of creating my own salad, but probably would be more likely to make my own at home given the price. My advice: get the buns










I got the egg,  cheddar, and green onion bun AND IT BLEW MY MIND. Lots of  flavourful scrambled egg in the centre of a dense (yet fluffy?) bun. It was absolutely delicious; and the ratio of bun to filling was perfect. They microwave their buns to warm them, and although that isn’t my preferred heating method, they do taste great warm. If you’re eating it at home, use the oven. Regardless, I think I’m in love with Sally Bun.  Now I just have to go and try more – the spinach and feta is calling my name… and/or artichoke, tomato and feta. Also, I should mention that everyone around me was ordering meat buns, so I would naturally assume that they are also delicious.

Value: (4.75/5)

These buns are quite filling as a snack or part of a lunch, and for how yummy they are, 3.25 ain’t bad.

Overall: 4.75/5

I intend to retun to Sally Bun frequently – it pretty much made my day.  Also, I should add that it is worth venturing out of the downtown core for. It is on Fort between Cook and Vancouver, which is probably a 10 minute walk from the more tourist-y Government St area. If you are visiting Victoria, go up Fort a few blocks and visit Sally Bun. It’s cheaper and better than most of the tourist traps, and you’ll be glad you made the trip.


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