Having already been to Romeo’s in Broadmead for a work party, my Mum suggested we go for an impromptu weeknight dinner. I was a little hesitant at first, as I had a sense that Romeo’s was just another variation on Boston Pizza (which it is); but I am always game for trying something new. Besides, even shitty pizza isn’t that bad.


Romeo’s is a family-style restaurant, complete with tacky decor. The booths are large, which may be nice for a group of people, but my mum and I felt unpleasantly far away from one another. I wouldn’t recommend it for an intimate date night, that’s for sure. Realistically, it is a good place for families, or groups of people who aren’t picky about having a generic dining experience.


Wow; our server actually initially stunned me with his incompetence. Unreasonable time waiting to order, drinks mix up, walking past and semi-ignoring us, etc. However, he may simply have been having a bad day, and he did successfully deliver us the right food and get our bills right, so I can’t give him too bad of a score. Plus, once I got chatting to him as I paid my bills, I saw that he was actually a pretty nice guy who liked his job. I didn’t dare suggest that he might consider using this to his advantage through customer service, but regardless I left with a pretty decent impression.











I got the individual Mediterreanean pizza, my mum got the Spinach Special. I tried both, and I must admit – their pizza is pretty damn decent. Crust was not too thin, not too doughy, lots of toppings, adequate cheese, tasty flavours… my only criticisms would be that the spinach pizza was too salty, and my pizza too greasy – but realistically, this didn’t deter me too much. Both my mum and I had a couple of slices to take home, even with the smallest-sized pizza (though I imagine this may not be the case for the average ravenous male), and was very delicious the next day, too.


Not too shabby. I felt like I got good value from my eleven dollar pizza – obviously it wasn’t Prima Strada quality, but I had some left for the next day, and I was not paying Prima Strada prices.


Would I go back to Romeos? Possibly. It was pretty good pizza at pretty good prices. That said, I am on a quest to find EXCELLENT food at pretty good prices, so my pursuits may not bring me back there. If I lived near by, I might consider a take out pizza on the way home, as it certainly rivals many other take out places. Overall, pretty good if you’re in a group, want decent food without breaking the bank; or if you want a take out pizza that is a little less doughy, without being a thin crust.


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