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Pizza! The Ultimate Food! While there is without a doubt a time and place for the $2.88 slice + pop from downtown, there are also times when you may want a glass of wine with your pie. Enter Pizzeria Prima Strada. Substantially pricier than the downtown per slice haunts, it nevertheless delivers an entirely different dining experience. The Neapolitan style of pizza, fired from the oven, is Prima Strada’s specialty, and is definitively more gourmet-tasting than a typical slice. While their menu is relatively small, it’s easy to find something to please any taste (unless you can’t tolerate gluten – then you’re out of luck). Regardless, their pizzas have clearly been refined, and are a product of quality ingredients and well-trained chefs. Also, I should mention that the day before I wrote this blog post, Prima Strada was voted the best pizza in Victoria. So, the city speaks.


Prima Strada is a small place, with most of the restaurant taken up with the central wood-fired stove and prep area, where you can watch the chefs prepare and cook the pizzas. This adds a neat attraction to the place, as there is always something to watch if you’re within eyesight. While it can seem a little crowded, it isn’t detrimentally so – there can be long waits, but I have encountered very few of these. Also, there are some booths off to the side which are probably the best place to sit if you’re not such a fan of cuddling up with strangers. Prima Strada is another great option for a romantic dinner with your honey, but still is a family-friendly environment.


The times I have visited Pizzeria Prima Strada, the service has mostly been good, though I have had the occasional dispassionate server. Despite this, the servers are great about making sure you have water/putting water on the table, and are very accommodating for leftovers boxes. I’ve always found the service to be quick, as well.











I have tried a few different pizzas at Prima Strada, and they have all been very good. They use fresh ingredients, and the wood-burning oven creates a soft and chewy thin crust that is quite unlike the typical western pizza. This time, I got the Bambino, which is basically just a cheese pizza (mozza and parmesan) but somehow is a perfectly refined cheese pizza – probably due to the fresh ingredients (and copious amount of olive oil). Matthew got the Panna E Pancetta, which, with the cream and ricotta cheese, was extremely rich – but still flavourful with the addition of the pancetta and scallions.











Koide and Jess, our Victoria Restaurant Review partners in crime, ordered the Salsiccia Piccante and the Diavola, respectively. They both seemed pleased with their choices, and from what I remember, the fennel sausage on the Salsiccia was a particularly big hit. Everyone’s bellies were happy.


Let’s be honest: paying fifteen dollars for a pizza isn’t exactly cheap. Realistically, you may have some leftovers from this pizza, but probably not a lot, and even if you do it more than likely will not be enough for a full second meal. So that said, you’re not getting a steal of a deal. However, if you consider that you would probably be paying this same approximate price for an individual pizza at any pub downtown, where the pizza is of a considerably lesser quality, it does ease the blow a little.


Prima Strada is a fancy pizza place for when you want to feel like you’re getting an experience – a Neopolitan experience, at that! It delivers delicious pizzas made from fresh ingredients, as well as creating an enjoyable atmosphere for a dinner out. While you may be paying more than you would for a typical pie, you most likely won’t be sorry you did.

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