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I am a total sucker for cupcakes. I know, I know; they are overpriced and trendy and cutesy and totally targeted at my demographic. Do I care? Obviously not. Victoria is a city of cupcakes, with Ooh La La, Pink Sugar, and Crumsby’s leading the way – all of which have successfully satisfied my sweet tooth at one time or another. Upon the opening of the new Ooh La La location on Broughton St, a cake-loving friend and I knew we had to go. (Funnily enough, this is the same friend I went to Pink Sugar and Crumsby’s with… I see a recurring theme in our friendship.) Regardless, cupcakes were had and cupcakes were enjoyed.


Ooh La La has a vaguely parisienne feel, which is fairly effective. Cupcakes are nicely displayed, and the colourful chandeliers and quite charming.The only problem I have is that it is having a bit of an identity crisis between retail shop and cupcake cafe – as is the case with Pink Sugar. I get the sense they cater to people who want to take their cupcakes and leave; evidenced by the not-particularly-comfortable seating. I understand that this is their main clientele, but I would prefer a couple comfy armchairs to sit in. Maybe that’s me just being picky.


Service really was great – no complaints. The counter girl offered us her suggestions, and bumped us up in line as the folks in front were taking their sweet time.











So good. I got the “Monkey Business” cupcake (banana cake with cream cheese icing), and my cupcake accomplice went for the Twist and Shout (lemon with raspberry filling). I should mention that it took us a good 10 minutes to choose a cupcake, because they all looked divine. Mine was perfect – moist, rich icing, perfect cake to icing ratio… absolutely delicious. My cupcake pal seemed enthralled with hers as well.


3.61 with tax for something that made me that happy? I’m not really complaining. It’s a specialty item that you certainly wouldn’t buy every day, so paying a few extra cents doesn’t bother me.


Yum yum yum! Go and visit Ooh La La on Broughton for a sweet treat, or at any of their other 3 locations. I highly recommend.

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