Ah, Murchie’s. Whether for a decadent creme brulee, a morning muffin, or a full-blown lunch affair, Murchie’s never fails to please my palette.

Jess, my accomplice in swimming and subsequent snacks, accompanied me to Murchie’s on a typical Tuesday lunchtime. We frequent Murchie’s fairly often, though usually for afternoon treats – this time we were in the pursuit of lunch.

Atmosphere: (4/5)

One of my favourite things about Murchie’s is the cosy tea salon located in the back of the building. It is almost always fairly busy, but I’ve never had too much trouble finding a seat. It’s especially nice to grab a seat by the window and spy on the offices and hair salon across the street! You can order your food and drinks and carry it back to the tea salon on their signature silver trays; that is, if you don’t get bumped by the other people who have the same agenda.

Service: (4/5)

The service that is actually provided at Murchie’s is usually friendly, if not a little chaotic. They seem to have a lot of staff, all of whom are taking orders from people waiting in line. Once you actually get to the till, you are usually served by someone completely different who doesn’t have a clue what you ordered. This can be mildly confusing if, like me, you have already changed your mind about your lunch four times. However, all in all, this is just part of the staff’s attempts to work their way efficiently through the often long line at the counter, and they usually do a good job of it.

Food: (4.5/5)

I can tell you already that their scones, creme brulee, cookies, banana bread, fruit crisp bars, and brioches are delicious. Their cheesecake is good, but not amazing. However-I digress! Lunch!










Grilled spanakopita and a side greek salad.Well, the spanakopita was deeeelicious! Cheesy, generously spinach-ed, and not too greasy. The phyllo pastry was light, flaky, and altogether fabulous. My only complaint: the watery tzaziki. As for the salad, it was a great mix of peppers, tomatoes, cukes, onion, feta, and olives. The ratio of the ingedients was perfect, and everything seemed fresh. The dressing was herby and delicious, if not a little overabundant.

Jess had a very verdant looking vegetarian sandwich. For a seven dollar sandwich, satiety is a must, and this sandwich delivered! It was filled with grilled veggies (including asparagus, which I thought was quite unique!), olive tapenade, avocado, and fresh mozzarella cheese. Jess chose not to get it grilled, but she said that she “maybe should have”. Also, she mentioned that the bun had a sweet taste to it, which may have taken away from the sandwich itself.

Overall: (4/5)

Go to Murchie’s, and you will probably have a very enjoyable experience. They have a wide range of baked goods, desserts, and lunch items; as well as a great selection of teas and coffee drinks (it is a tea shop, after all). Because Murchie’s is located on the tourist strip of Government St, the prices are a little higher than they might be elsewhere, but not to the point of deterring a budget-conscious student like myself. And let’s face it; after a strenuous afternoon of strolling the inner harbour and shopping, nothing screams “welcome to Victoria” more than a cup of tea and a scone with cream and jam.
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