One thing I have noticed during my quest for delicious food in Victoria is that there are very few places to get lunch for under ten dollars – especially in the downtown core. Many places that serve dinner also serve lunch, but with a negligable (if at all) discounted price. Consequently, Hernande’z called my name. Tucked away in a walkthrough plaza between Yates and View, Hernande’z is a haven for those in search of a quick, cheap, and delicious lunch.

Atmosphere (4/5):

The owners of Hernande’z have clearly made a concerted effort to make the restaurant an inviting place to eat, even though it is sprawled inside an office building. The bright plastic tablecloths and picnic benches are sort of charming, and the warm walls and ethnic artwork made me feel like I wasn’t in Victoria any more (albeit the many hipsters in search of cheap food – hah!). Also, it should be noted that the food is served on large sheets of paper, though you can pay to get a plate. I found this to be quite unique, and didn’t see it as being problematic at all.

Service (4/5):

Simple and efficient. You order on the one side of the walkway, you are given a number, and your food is brought to you from the kitchen on the other side. It was easy and quick. That said, we weren’t sure whether we had to wait for our food at the kitchen or not. It would have been helpful if they’d have said that we would be served at our table. Also, we ordered tacos from the “slow food” menu, and the server let us know (quite adamantly) that it would be slower than getting a burrito or something off of the “faster food” menus. We knew that we had order a slower item, and I didn’t feel that she necessarily needed to say anything (the food came quite quickly anyway!). It seemed almost as if they had experienced problems in the past with people expected their food faster than it was able to be. If you read the novel that is their website, this sentiment is confirmed.

Food (5/5):










Matthew and I got the tacos (five for five dollars – how could we not?!). I, being a veggie, got the black bean; he got the pork. Both came drizzled with sour cream and salsa, with plenty of fresh cilantro, onion, and lime. Mine were fantastic! The corn tortilla shells were obviously freshly made, and the filling was flavourful. Matthew enjoyed his pork ones as well, but after trying one of my bean tacos he said he would probably get those next time. I think the bean ones are perhaps a little more filling, as well – Matt was still a little hungry after his five tacos.

Value (5/5):

Five dollars for five tacos cannot be beat. The burritos, at around seven to eight dollars would probably make a great quick meal. This is unusually cheap for delicious, fresh food. I am thrilled at this find.


Hernande’z provides delicious, cheap, and filling lunch. The main attraction to this place is the excellent pricing. With their “faster food” menu, it is great for people in hurry; but it also provides a great pitstop for those who just want to relax and enjoy the plastic tablecloths.

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