I will preface this review with the fact that I am shamelessly in love with Fujiya, visit it weekly, and basically order the same thing every time.

Atmosphere: (1/5)

You don’t go to Fujiya for the atmosphere. It is take-out, with much of the store occupied by Japanese groceries. There are two spots by the window, but they are not pleasant. I recommend you go take your sushi five minutes up to the beautiful Mt. Tolmie and have a picnic.

Service: (5/5)

The girls are lovely and helpful. Enough said.

Food: (4.5/5)

The food is generally fabulous. And I can confirm this with the agreement of many of my friends and loved ones who eat regularly at Fujiya (and who actually eat the fish). It is my understanding that depending on the time you visit, the fish can occasionally be a little less fresh, but generally it is so busy that there is a big turnover anyway. I can say that all the vegetarian dishes are delicious. Yam tempura rolls, don, vegetable rolls, kappa, tamago, cones, miso. All very yum.

Value: (5/5)

You can easily get a filling meal at Fujiya for less than 5-10 dollars, depending on if you’re going vegetarian and how hungry you are. I find the quality of their sushi much better than that of many of the sushi restaurants in town, so I would consider the value to be no less than excellent.

Overall: (4.75/5)  And yes, I can give out quarter points.

Fujiya is a great spot for affordable take-out Japanese food, and I would venture to say they serve the best sushi in Victoria. You should go, pronto.


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