The quest for a reasonably priced and delicious lunch in Victoria can be a painstaking and drawn-out affair. Matthew and I have learned this a number of times while wandering hungrily around the streets of downtown, looking for a place that feels “lunch”-y. While there are many places that are great for breakfast/brunch, and many places that are great for dinner; a legitimate lunch can be a little more difficult – especially on weekends. When Matthew and I happened upon Foo for a late weekend lunch, we felt a little bit like we had struck lunch gold.


Foo markets itself as a “street food” place, so a fine dining experience is not its aim. There are a few tables and chairs outside, with the inside ordering area more about grabbing food and leaving. However, the walls/windows are lined with tables and stools where you can look out the window as you eat. This was what we did, and it was just fine. Foo is nothing fancy, but they aren’t trying to be fancy anyway.


The staff seem passionate about the menu, and were great at making recommendations and delivering the food promptly. I would be interested to see how they cope when things get busy, as it was extremely quiet when we visited.


With a small but diverse menu, Foo offers unique Asian fusion items with something to please a variety of tastes. And please the tastes it will!

Matthew got the Beef and Broccoli Chow Mein, and finished every last bite! He was impressed with the amount and quality of meat and veggies, and even insinuated that the quality of food was superior to Noodle Box. Given his deep love and dedication to Noodle Box, this is saying something.

I was impressed with the quality of vegetarian options, and found it difficult to choose what I wanted! I settled on the Saag Paneer, as I am always interested to see variations on Indian cuisine; and Foo definitely met my expectations! This dish was spicy, flavourful, and unique. The dumplings were delicious, and served piping hot. The bread was fluffy, oily, and dense. I thoroughly enjoyed everything, and I kind of felt like Foo is in a class of its own. It provides Asian food that appeals to Westerners without compromising the true flavours of the dish. This is becoming more of a rarity – especially in Victoria.


The meals at Foo hover around the ten dollar mark. Considering the quality of the food, I would consider this a great deal. The portions are not quite as large as say, Noodle Box, but for lunch I found it to be more than enough. Someone with a huge appetite may not be satisfied at a dinnertime visit, but that comes down to individual preference.


Without a doubt, I will be back to Foo again. It was delicious and well-priced and I would be interested to try some of their other menu items.

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