Cobs Bread – What should I buy?

So, you’re going to buy some bread, and you’re willing to spend a little extra to be sure that your bread is amazing.
You go to Cobs Bread, obviously. (Alternatively, you visit one of the delicious local bakeries that I intend to review soon. I work part-time at Cobs, so I figured they deserve some immediate blog love.) Cobs is a Canadian extension of the Australian company, Baker’s Delight. They bake everything from scratch each day, and any leftover bread goes to charities that come each night at closing.

But what do you buy?! Country grain? White? Brown?

Sure, you could do that. You’d be eating delicious, preservative-free bread that is considerably better in every way than grocery store bread. However, I suggest you venture a little from traditional loaves into the exciting world that is Cobs’ artisan-style breads, sweets, and savoury goodies.

My top picks:

1. Pane di Casa Olive Loaf/dinner rolls:

This bread is one of the best things that ever happened to me. Salty,chewy, and delicious; this bread is ideal served with soup/pasta, used for grilled cheese, or served with any meal in the dinner roll size (pictured above).

2. Banana Chocolate Chip Scones:

These scones are moister than many of the other scones that Cobs offers. The chocolate chip banana combo is absolutely heavenly – I recommend warming them up with some ice cream!

3. New Apple Butterscotch Scones:

Go and try these new scones ASAP. They blew my mind. Moist, apple-y, with little bursts of butterscotch chip heaven.

4. Cheese products: Cheesymite Scrolls, Cheese Chive and Garlic Pullapart, any Twisted Delight:

All of Cobs cheese products are delicious. However, I particularly enjoy the Cheesymite Scrolls as an individually-portioned snack, though they do have Vegemite in them and consequently may not be for those who don’t like the salty deliciousness that is Vegemite. The Cheese Chive and Garlic Pullapart and Twisted Delights are great for sharing and eating with soups or as an accompaniment to every meal. I particularly enjoy the Spinach and Feta Twisted delight.

5. Sourdough:

I have a special place in my heart for Cobs Sourdough-specifically the cranberry and whole wheat varieties. I like the whole wheat because it’s a great way to eat a healthy slice of bread while still enjoying the tangy flavours of sourdough. And the cranberry sourdough… well, let’s just say that it makes a very good grilled brie sandwich. Or turkey sandwich, if that’s your thing!

I should also mention that there are products I haven’t mentioned here that consistently sell very well and are also yummy. Cinnamon Buns, Cinnamon Scones, Berry and White Chocolate scones, Chocolate Croissants, Ham and Cheese Croissants, Cape Seed bread, etc. These are also great, but I wanted to focus more on the lesser-known delicious products in this post. So go! Eat some bread!

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