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Brunch in Victoria is scary. Hordes of hungry families and hungover students, all vying competitively for the next available table. Lines are long. The “hangries” are rampant. 45 minute waits are reasonable. John’s Place, Floyd’s, Blue Fox, Shine – all crazy, scary places when 10am rolls around on a Saturday or Sunday. However, I think I have found an alternative that doesn’t make me want to curl into the fetal position! Enter Cabin 12.

Atmosphere: (4.5/5)

Everything about Cabin 12 is quirky and charming – from the eclectic art collection to the slightly muffled music of the record player, to the chalk boards and the shelves of books to read. It is fairly large and open, so you don’t feel too crowded or claustrophobic the way you would in John’s or Blue Fox. I wasn’t totally sold on the shabby classroom-style chairs, but they did carry their own offbeat charm nevertheless. And although it should be made clear that we visited Cabin 12 on a Friday morning at around 10am, it was completely empty. Now, I am sure it gets busier on the weekends – but I can pretty much guarantee that we would have been waiting in line had we gone to one of the more popular brunch spots.

Service: (4.5/5)

Service was great – friendly, prompt, and personable. It is easy to receive good service when you are the only people in the restaurant, I will admit. But our server seemed genuinely happy to be working there, as did the other staff we briefly encountered.











We thoroughly enjoyed our meals! Matthew got the special, which was an eggs benny with chicken strips and buffalo sauce, and I got the apple oatmeal. Matthew said it was one of the best breakfasts he has ever had, and that the hashbrowns were like little cubes of heaven. He loved the chicken, and found the eggs to be perfectly done. As for my oatmeal, it was extremely delicious as well! The consistency was spot on, and the apples were a great complement. My only complaint was that there was perhaps a little too much maple syrup on it, and I would have preferred to add it myself. It mostly pooled to the sides of the dish anyway, so it didn’t end up being cloyingly sweet. Meals were enjoyed by all!


Cabin 12 pretty much sits in at the same price point as most other brunch places. I would argue that the quality of the food is also comparable, with the added bonus of no line.


I would definitely revisit Cabin 12. It has a great vibe, the food is yumtastic, and I saw no evidence of the hangry crowds.
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