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After months of repeatedly passing by Bin 4 in it’s beginning stages, I was extremely excited to give it a try once the doors opened to patrons! I informed my man that our visit to Bin 4 was a mandatory part of his visit (he lives on the mainland), and so Saturday night we went!


The atmosphere is decent, if a bit sparse. They certainly have a strong brand they’ve established, but the ‘minimalism’ thing isn’t particularly intimate – not does it cater to the late night party crowd particularly well. Well, it could be worse.


Despite the server taking a million+ years to serve us, she was top notch after that blip (which she apologized profusely for, and was seemingly a result of ‘ironing out the kinks’). Proficient, friendly, knowledgeable… she even initiated some polite conversation about our dining experience and how we came to know about the restaurant.


Matthew had what I am assuming is the “Bin 4 Bistro” burger – chicken burger with brie, onion relish, and bacon. I had the vegetarian bean burger (unsure of what the official names are due to lack of photographic memory/internet menu). One thing I appreciated is the excellent bun quality, which naturally would be of great importance in a place that specializes in burgers. Both Matthew and I thoroughly enjoyed our burgers – they were full of flavour, creative, and delicious. My only beef (ha-ha) with my burger was perhaps a sense of overkill on flavour; the patty was intensely spiced with a curry flavour, which was tasty, but too much paired with feta cheese. Too many flavours – perhaps a milder cheese would be a better pairing. Regardless, it was definitely better than the majority of bland, cardboard veggie burgers out there – and was clearly hand made with some degree of care. Matthew mentioned that while his burger was good – it was just a good burger, which he would argue is not actually that hard to find/make. So, while it’s nice to go out to dinner and have a choice of a million burger types, you have to want a burger(duh, perhaps – but considering that I am not a huge burger person, it may deter me from being a regular). Oh, and fries/salad were pretty good too.


Good. I did not feel totally ripped off. Meal justified price. Competitive for Victoria. Etc.


I would return to Bin 4, though probably after 9pm next time (burgers are half off with a drink!). It was quite good; though, as I mentioned, burgers are not high on my ‘must consume’ list. Plus, only having the choice of two burgers on the menu as a vegetarian is something of a deterring factor. My man felt similarly; that it was good, but not as a ‘must go’ kind of dining destination. Perhaps I am overly critical. Well, decide for yourselves, hungry internet surfers!
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